My Nights With Kate


My Nights With Kate is my first Erotic Novel released exclusively through Amazon (at the moment).  The story initially had a completely different ending, which only about 200 people read.  I began having second thoughts about the ending, so when I uploaded the final version I changed it.  Since that change, sales have been consistently growing each week.  It’s not easy for a new author to break through with thousands of books competing, but it seems many of my readers are very passionate about the story.   Word has been spreading through their social media comments, blog posts and book reviews.  I wish to thank each and every one of you who have helped spread the word of Jack and Kate.

It truly is a passion-filled story that took on a life of it’s own as the words spilled onto the page.  I look forward to sharing more of their story with you as it pours out of my imagination.  The second book is brewing in my head.

Thanks for reading, I’m very grateful for your support!

M.T. Stone

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