MT Stone Newsletter Ads

I’m not writing any Contemporary Romance in 2019, but my newsletter is performing stronger than ever.  Therefore, I’m making spots available to a few authors who my list have enjoyed in the past. This is my fan base, not a marketing list and is currently at 11,878. The average conversion (sales / clicks) over the past year has been 26.4% and in the last survey 43% were Kindle Unlimited members, so it’s a great list.

Please include the requested dates in the memo when making payment or message me on Discord (@mtstone).   You can reserve any date on my calendar that isn’t already taken.

This is by invitation only.  If you have questions, contact me at or message me on Discord.


Solo Ad For The Price Of A Feature!- $50 

Your book will go out by itself including the complete blurb or whatever text you provide for me to include. If you have any special instructions, you can send them to me through Discord or email  Each of my newsletters also includes a freebie at the bottom which has kept my open rates high.

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