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My Nights With Kate” by M.T. Stone ¬†Free

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“Auctioned Virgin: Kidnapped” by Frankie Love

“Filthy Sweet Mechanic” by Mia Madison

“Royal Master” by Emilia Beaumont

“Date Me” by Logan Chance

“The CEO & I” by River Laurent

“Well Oiled Mechanic” by Aria Ford

“Second Shot” by CM Seabrook

“Heartthrob” by Willow Winters

“Bad Boy Brother” by Chance Carter

“Overlooked” by Lulu Pratt & Simone Sowood

“The Polo Prince” by Mia Madison

“My Brother’s Best Friend” by Nikki Chase

“Rock Hard Baby Daddy” by Rye Hart

“The Chase” by Holly Hart

“The Island” by Alice Ward

“Hustle” by Teagan Kade

“Savage Seal’s Virgin” by Michelle Love

“Claiming Cinderella” by Amy Brent

“Undone” by Jo Raven

“Stealing First” by Weston Parker

“Profit & Lace” by Alexis Angel

“Royal Beast” by Nikki Chase

“Dad’s Royal Buddy” by Mia Madison

“His Brother’s Wife” by Michelle Love

“Hot Bastard Next Door” by Rye Hart

“Climax” by Holly Hart

“Seal’d Heart” by Alice Ward

CE”O” by M.T. Stone

“Fiancee For Hire” by Melinda Minx

“Beauty And The Billionaire” by Kira Blakely

Wild Irish” by CM Seabrook

“The Cowboy’s Virgin Princess” by Mia Madison

“Imperfect” by Willow Winters

“The Dom Vs. The Virgin” by Alice Ward

“Filthy Doctor” by Amy Brent

“Cuff Me Daddy” by Rye Hart

“Spring Training” by KB Winters

“Train Me” by Mia Ford

“Forever Mine” by Lauren Wood

“The Billionaire Experience” by Kara Hart

“DILF” by Alexis Angel

“The Blacksmith” by Mia Madison

“Tanner” by Samantha Leal

“The List” by Alice Ward

“Your Mine” by Lauren Wood

“Breaking Rules” by Mia Ford

“Lost Summer” by M.T. Stone

“Crave Me” by Amy Brent

“Guilty” by Nikki Chase

“Restless Series” by Alice Ward

“Hung” by Simone Sowood

“Valetti Crime Family” by Willow Winters

“Faking It” by Holly Hart

“Billionaire Games” by Michelle Love

“Dirty Deeds” by M.T. Stone

“The Midnight Club” by Michelle Love

“Dr Billionaire’s Virgin” by Melinda Minx

“12 Inches” by Alexis Angel

“Long Game” by Teagan Kade

“Rock Hard Seal” by Rye Hart

“Single Dad’s Virgin” by Penelope Bloom

“Wolf Me Baby” by KB Winters and Evie Monroe

“Bossy Daddy” by Mia Madison

“Big Bad Neighbor” by Tia Siren

Get “Sold On St Patricks Day” by Juliana Conners

Get “Knocking Boots” by Willow Winters & Vivian Wood

Get “Untamed” by Kira Blakely

Get “Dirty Truth” by KB Winters

Get “Dirty Jock” by Sienna Valentine

Get “Irresistible” by Kara Hart

Get “Stick” by Stephanie Brother

Get “Boss Me Please” by Amy Brent

Get “His Virgin” by Nikki Chase

Get “Nanny and The Beast” by Carter Blake

Get “The Dom’s Virgin” by Penelope Bloom

Get “Arousal” by Simone Sowood

Get “Python” by Alexis Angel

Get “Raven’s Seduction” by MT Stone

Get “Given” by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish

Get “Dirty Money” by Michelle Love

Get “Bossy Billionaire” by Mia Madison

Get “Jacked” by Melinda Minx

Get “The Complete Boomer and Player Series” by KB Winters

Get “Rock Hard Lumberjack” by Rye Hart

Get “Wicked Lil’ Brat” by Alexis Angel

Get “Irresistible Seal Book 1” by Amanda Heartley¬†

Get “The Billionaire Bad Boy Plan” by Michelle Love

Get “Single Dad Next Door” by Penelope Bloom

Get “One Flight Stand” by Kim Linwood

Get “Heavy” by Amelia Wilde

Get “Sold On Valentines Day” by Juliana Conners

Get “Scorched” by Holly Hart

Get “Shared” by Willow Winters, Bella Love Wins & Lauren Landish

Get “Second Chance” by CM Seabrook

Get “Say You’ll Be Mine” by Carter Blake

Get “Stripped” by Nikki Chase

Get “Power Trip” by MT Stone

Get “Big Bad Alpha” by Tia Siren

Get “Dusty & Daddy” by Sassy Day and Savannah May

Get “Lumber Jacked” by Chance Carter

Get “Finn” by KB Winters and Audra Cole

Get “Please Boss” by Juliana Conners

Get “Stay” by Melinda Minx

Get “Man Chaser” by Alexis Angel

Get “Billionaire’s Redemption” by Ridge Taylor & MT Stone

Get “Begging for Bad Boys” – 13 Author Collection!

Get “Punished” by Penelope Bloom

Get “Jack” by KB Winters

Get “Three Hitmen” by Alice May Ball

Get “Marshall” by Kara Hart

Get “Owned” by Willow Winters & Lauren Landish

Get “Big Bad Daddy” by Tia Siren

Get “Intense” by BB Hamel

Get “Duress” by Ridge Taylor

Get “Red & Blue” by Alexis Angel

Get “The Dirty Series” by Amelia Wilde

Get “Forgotten Bodyguard Box Set” by Ali Parker

Get “Submit” by Crystal Kaswell

Get “Big Bad Twins” by Tia Siren

Get “Dirty Dom” by Willow Winters

Get “Plush” by KB Winters

Get “Always His” by Amelia Wilde

Get “Ruined” by B B Hamel

Get “Dirty Liar” by KB Winters

Get “My Cocky Cowboy” by Mia Madison

Get “Scandalous” by Alexis Angel

Get “Asa” by Kylie Walker

Get “Lost Summer” by M.T. Stone