Pure Passion


Pure Passion will be the first book in the Pure series.  Each book will be a complete story and will not  be a continuation series.  Instead, various characters will come and go throughout the series and each book will primarily focus on one particular couple.  This series will focus primarily on the New Adult / College Genre.

Pure Passion is about a young man (Max) who loses what he thought was his soul mate (because of the intense physical attraction) only to later find true love in someone he would’ve never suspected.  Initial publication date is June 8th, but if all goes well I’m hoping to have it out before the Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. really enjoyed your 1st book in the Pure series, but when is book 2 of My Nights with Kate due.

  2. Could you please give an estimated time for your second book on Jack Ryker. I love “My Nights With Kate” but can’t stand the wait for the second book. Please give Jack a happy ending. Looking forward to future books from you.

    Good Luck!